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Just over 48 hours, pubs and video of the day

Thursday afternoon and just over two days to go. At the moment I'm not feeling as optimistic as I know I will on Saturday morning, but that's the nature of football. It's also because it's Arsenal and on their day it can be special.

But I didn't think we'd beat Liverpool. I didn't think we'd beat Spurs and I was more than surprised we didn't beat Manchester City considering we should. It doesn't matter what I think because if anything, we've become fairly unpredictable under Tim Sherwood.

And you know what, that's what makes it exciting. That's almost what makes it interesting again. It won't last forever, we know this and it might be next season or the season after when supporters and me included start complaining, but I sort of accept that things are not going to change in the game and I quite like how Tim Sherwood comes across, so I'm just happy at the moment.

So Saturday is about enjoying the day for us. For Tim Sherwood and the players it's about absolute concentration, focus and determination. Give it absolutely all, be smart and not give the ball away too easily and then everyone will be happy and we will get the right result.

On our day, we can beat Arsenal, we showed we could when we beat Liverpool and Spurs and should have beaten Manchester City. And that's just since Tim Sherwood came in.

More coming tomorrow and a post on Saturday morning, but we need to get a hashtag or something going for Instagram or Twitter. Think of something and let me know.

Pubs for Saturday

So, if you're going here are a list of pubs that will welcome Aston Villa fans, in no particular order.

  • The Green Man, Dagmar Avenue
  • The Blue Room, Wembley Hill Road
  • Liquor Station, High Road
  • JJ Moons, High Road
  • Thirsty Eddie's, High Road
  • Masti, High Road
  • Flannery's, High Road
  • Station 31, Harrow Road
  • The Corner House, Harrow Road
  • Fusilier, Harrow Road
  • The Copper Jug, The Broadway
  • The Powerleague, Olympic Way

Video of the day