Joey Barton: Tom Fox is a muppet

Pat Murphy has said that we spoke with David Moyes when Tim Sherwood was sacked and the implication was that Moyes was interested, but he'd want to much control of football matters. That is exactly what we need because Tom Fox knows nothing about football.

I got that from the podcast below. In it, Joey Barton also calls Tom Fox a muppet. He also made the prediction that we'd be relegated in March. In it also, Joey Barton points out that it's going to be hard to get any players, because nobody at the club knows what football is about.

Back in 2014 I first questioned Tom Fox and it's quite surprising how I even mentioned that it wasn't all about revenue streams. Tom Fox is a muppet and now the entire footballing community know it. Someone told me the other day that we're a laughing stock in some quite small circles.

Randy Lerner has to make a decision very soon. Tom Fox has taken us to where we are. Sure, Paul Faulkner started it but Tom Fox has cemented it. We need the right people in and it's people that know the club, know football and know how to make a plan and how to implement it.

So, this is a short post because we're at a lot of comments on the previous one and because you need to listen to the podcast. But change has to come Mr Lerner, real change has to come because the thing that worries me more than getting relegated is that we will get stuck in the Championship or even worse, we get relegated again. Every day that goes past and you don't make a change, it's getting worse and harder to fix.

The podcast

To listen to the podcast click here. It makes for interesting listening and some of the things you'll be reminded of will make your blood boil.