It's back, Southgate and Spurs at the weekend

It's all over right? I mean, it must be because I've seen the stories on BBC and Gareth Southgate making excuses. There is a part of me that thinks he might not be the manager by the time the tournament comes around next summer and that part of me also thinks there is as much chance that he resigns.

By this I mean, someone at the FA might come to the logical conclusion that he's making it more difficult than it is and that if that person has an important enough role, it could happen. But then the other logical choice is that he has just had enough and decides to walk away before getting labelled the most inept English manager of all time.

Football isn't rocket science and the easiest job in football management right now is the England job. If you're a manager that is.

Anyway, a quick post to say that and also to look to Sunday. Spurs will be tough and even though they've got a few injured players, it's likely to be end to end and we'll need to be on our game.

But I was talking to someone earlier and because I said it out loud, I felt safe with Unai. I mean, he's not like Gareth. He knows his best players and he has a way that he wants to play and he'll use them to do that. He'll not change how he sends out the team based on the team we are playing.

He'll adapt, for sure, but that's to the strengths of our players and how we play. I feel good about Sunday, but also nervous. It's a big game for both teams and one that if we win, will see us move two points ahead of Spurs and into the top four. And if we win, it could be anywhere from second to fourth.

Imagine writing that, at any time in the past 20 years. Bloody hell. Right, I should stop writing because I'll get carried away and for those interest, I'm in the office, but me and someone else did just have a large vodka and coke to make the afternoon go a little quicker and I think this might be something we do on a regular basis moving forward.