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It's sadly not just another day, but I wish it was

When I leave my Christmas shopping to the last possible moment, I always end up making mistakes. At the same time, if I go in to early thinking I'll be smart, I can also make mistakes. Today is one of those days when mistakes can happen.

So I'm going to stay away from it because if we bring in any new players, I think it's our way of saying mistakes were made.

We have central defenders in Richards, Clark, Baker and we have Okore coming back. We have Gestede and Ayew up fornt that this manager has purchased. We have enough midfielders to to actually start a match.

Business will happen today but it doesn't mean it's good. I was once told that there is no point revising an hour before the exam because if you werent ready you werent ready.

My point is this; lets say we get 33 year old Lescott. What value is he going ot bring? Is he going to be the differene beteen us staying up or winning something? Let's be honest and say no he isn't. Wouldn't it be ultimately better to develop Baker or give Clark more game time so he gets better?

Lescott coming will mean Clark is on the bench until Lescott or Richards are injured and then he's only going to play a bit part. Don't players get better by playing regularly and if we look after Clark isn't he going to be part of our starting eleven for the next ten seasons. Isn't there more value in him getting better faster?

The manager has headaches right now. He'll have more if he brings in more players and we don't really need them. I can be persaded on the central defender, but for me I'll hold my position that it should be Clark starting over whoever comes in, unless that player coming in is special. I don't think Lescott is special and I also just see this as a pay day for him.

But if it happens, he'll talk of his love for Villa and that the dream has come true and he'll be an instant favourite. While most forget about Clark. I think that will be sad. Much like if Berbatov comes in, I think that will be sad too.