It's all good and Wolves at the weekend

Things didn't go as expected against Spurs but it's not a concern. We sit in a good position overall and things are going to be a little elastic over for a period of time. It's only because that is how things work when you make changes.

And we're making big changes on last season. Spurs on the other hand have got a better manager and changed little else. Losing to Spurs isn't a concern and all things added up, we're in a good place after so few games. If we keep doing this for the rest of the season, we'll be fine.

And this weekend we face Wolves at Villa Park and this is the match that I looked to at the start of the season just because it's the only local match we have this season. And we want to win this. And it might just be my bad memory, but it seems to me like we win more of these than we lose.

And even thought it's early in the season, there is only one point between us, so a win for either side will be good. I'd like to see us win, just so we have a chance of that 8th after 8 games and stay in the hunt for that prediction place.

That is it for now because I'm somewhere in northern Italy and internet is not great and I can smell breakfast. Until Saturday morning.

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Aston Villa prediction chart