It's all broken and changes have to come, I'm predicting when relegation is confirmed

Manchester United sacked David Moyes when it was mathematically impossible to qualify for the Champions League. David Moyes turned down the Aston Villa job because Tom Fox didn't want to relinquish control of footballing matters. Maybe the Chairman will sack Tom Fox when we are mathematically relegated?

I write about relegation today because there are 8 games left and if we are to get to 40 points we have to win every single game. Even I will accept that we are down now, ahead of confirmation. The performance yesterday was lethargic and it just looked like the players were going through the motions despite what the manager says.

I don't remember when in the match, but I distinctly remember a player and I'm not going to name him, but there was a pass played that went straight to a Spurs man. There was plenty of time, it wasn't mis-hit, it was just one of those passes that were hopeful. It appears that nobody has stressed the importance of keeping the ball and only giving it away when you are certain you're going to give it to someone in your team. And this isn't new, this has been going on for years.

We run around giving 90% every game and in this league you have to be giving 100% every single game for 95 minutes. If you don't you get punished. We have been punished this season and changes need to happen, hence the Tom Fox point - we all know it's down to him, but ultimately the board and as they're the new kids on the block, it's going to be the CEO that has to go.

There is little else to write. Sure, we don't need to win the next eight. There is the possibility to stay up if we won five, but that would be a push and and it also isn't going to happen. So, I guess we turn our attention to next season and that's ultimately why I think these changes, including the manager, will come when relegation is confirmed.

And this is what it is supporting Aston Villa. We can pretend that we make a difference, but the writing is very much on the wall.

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