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It's about getting better and I suspect it's going to start to get busy quite soon

It seems like such a long time since I last posted. I have tried to write something but then I look on the internet and I see nothing. Sure, we know when the season starts and most are on holiday or winding down as much as possible but things have to start happening soon.

And by that I mean the season starts in a few weeks and nothing much has happened so far and we have a few players that things could happen with. For the most part, I actually don't see too much upheaval for us and let me explain why.

It all comes down to spirit. I don't think anyone can complain with the spirit shown by the players of Aston Villa and this was our first season back in the Premier League. I think the overall feeling will be one of job done. It's harder to stay in the Premier League than it is to stay in the top four after your first season up or finishing in the top four for the first time and I fancy that the players we have, the ones we want to keep, will recognise that.

And we have the foundation of a very good team. The spine is essentially there, defensively we work well and in Jack, we have someone that can make something happen from nothing. Bring someone in to support Jack and by support I mean someone that can read the game at the pace he does, play higher up the pitch so the defenders are not the busiest players in the team and then get a striker to complement all that hard work and I think we can move up seven or eight places next season.

And I'm not basing this opinion of something that only I know. This is common sense. Or at least it is to me.

Sure, there will be some that say we need six or seven new players, but you don't get anywhere by changing so many players. You take your time to develop the players you have to play a certain way and you bring in players that are used to playing that same way. You take your time and develop as a team.

And that was as far as I got this time. I was going to delete the post again and leave no update, but something has to be posted, so I'm going to leave this here and see what happens. But things are going to start happening soon. I just hope the right way.

Because all we have to do is finish one place better than last season. If we do that, we're heading in the right direction.