It really was a dark day, Millwall tomorrow and playing for a place

There is a week of the transfer window left and that means, there is a week for the owner to fix things and today, I'm not going to tell him what he has to do. I think by now that it's obvious.

And if he doesn't fix things, there is a very real chance we will find ourselves out of this league and playing in the Championship next season. Make no mistake, this has become very serious now.

And it isn't just because we cant beat a League Two side over two games, it's that we have only won four games this season and we've scored less than a goal a game. We are playing Championship football and our form confirms it. The Bradford result just emphasised it and you only needed eyes to see the shambles that was the second half.

Millwall tomorrow

And you know what, even if we thrash Millwall tomorrow, nothing will have changed, it will just be the Premier League side beating the Championship side. It will be just what is supposed to happen. But can you see us beating Millwall tomorrow?

Winning tomorrow means nothing also. We're not going to win the FA Cup and if anything it's a distraction we don't need. Winning on Tuesday matter though. Newcastle are currently one place and one point ahead of us and if we beat them, we swap places with them. If we pick up three points, we move up only one place.

Is the seriousness sinking in? Pick up three points but move up one place. Lose and we could find ourselves second from bottom by close of business on Wednesday.

That's it for now

I could go on but I think it best, all things considered, that I don't. It has been written so many times before and we all know what needs to happen, but the problem is we've got an owner that knows little about the game and a CEO who is learning and frankly, best suited to HR and on top of that a manager that is way out of his depth and will now just say what he has to say to keep his job, which ultimately means he is keeping the other two happy.

It really was a dark day.