Is it just me, or does it feel as if we've wasted a week and that the club are getting desperate?

Before I get into it, some housekeeping. We were moving server yesterday and as a result there were some issues with logging in. WE fixed the issues and we didn't move the server in the end. We're going to move it on Tuesday or Wednesday now and you'll notice an improvement hopefully as we're moving to solid state. Anyway, enough of that.

Not much has happened this week, but we are seeing the club roll out videos with one of the new board members, Brian Little, Lee Hendrie (sorry, I can't take a man serious that wears a sparkly earring in each ear) and today I saw a blog post from Ian Taylor. It's all nice, but everyone knows what they're doing right?

Season ticket renewals are coming up and they're going to want you to renew. After this season and after the past five, they're going to sell to you. They've planned it well though. But you have to remember, this is all a sales and marketing plan, nothing more. It's just PR. But why no video from Krulak?

In fairness, they've done it quite well too, but am I the only one that thinks we've missed a week?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's fairly inevitable that we're going to be relegated now, but when I heard last weekend that Garde was going to be sacked this week, I got excited again. You see, I believe there is a chance and I believe that it's possible, despite everything else. And you know what, that's what I want from my board.

And I thought with them finally getting Moyes, this was there way to give it one last go. It just feels like, despite all the nice PR, that it's a week wasted. Wasted because they didn't sack Garde and wasted because they didn't get Moyes in. And if they just accept that we're going down and they're not going to do everything they can possibly do to save this season, then they're not the right people for Aston Villa.

It feels as if they're not the right people or they're not good enough. I'm not sure what one it is and as a long suffering Aston Villa fan, I'm not inclined to give that many chances these days. It's not the first time this club has wasted an opportunity.

But some great PR.

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