Time for the manager to manage, some speculation and football soon

It's been a few days and the summer is coming so I thought a post was required. And things seem to be about to happen or maybe it's just that the speculation seems to be increasing and that leads me to believe that things could soon be about to happen.

And that's partly because the manager has spoken in the past about the importance of a pre-season and if he thinks that way, then I suspect he's going to not want to be using the excuse that his players didn't have a pre-season.

And the latest speculation is that Douglas Luiz will be leaving for Italy to play under Jose Mourinho. I don't like the idea of this myself and have always liked Luiz, but if the player wants to go and he has his heart set on it, then I think we have to accept it and move on. I think we're also covered in this area of the pitch with Aston Villa players.

And 'Aston Villa' players is the key thing here. I'm not against foreign players or English players from other Clubs, but I think there is more value in a player that has come through the ranks and I think those players give just a little bit more and at this level, it's that little bit more that can win you games.

And that is a nice switch into the other rumour that I'm reading a little about and it's that we're going to let Cameron Archer leave on loan again and we're going to bring in Rory Wilson from Rangers.

Are we bringing in Rory Wilson to develop and loan out or are we bringing him in to start him? I'm asking because I think Cameron Archer, at 20, is at the right age to be given a proper chance with Aston Villa. I'm not saying don't sign Rory Wilson, but we have to do our best to get our Aston Villa players a chance.

And maybe Archer needs another season on loan. I've got no experience in developing players so how would I know, but part of me thinks that you only really know if given the chance and when given the chance, wherever that may be, Cameron Archer has delivered. Anyone remember the League Cup performances?

Anyway, it's all good. One or two players leaving for money, over all those released recently, isn't such a bad thing. One or two coming in and hopefully not more, I think we're going to be in a good place for Bournemouth in 48 days.

Cam Archer