I don't like football, oh no, I love it, but right now I'll take a result and long ball

Tell me the international matches are over please and someone tell Steven Gerrard that actually, the kids have lost interest in England because they're fed up of all the hype and all the let downs. They're fed up of trying to figure out the point.

I for one have little interest in watching England play, but that is well documented. I might be English and I might love football, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it or go out of my way. Saying that; arrange a match against the Germans, the Scottish, the Welsh or the Irish and I'll be as glued to the TV as the next man, but for the right reasons.

But enough about that, they're over for a few weeks. We now have football this weekend and what better team to play when you're in desperate need of some points than Fulham. Okay, there could be easier teams, like The Clowns, but we need to win this match and I don't care how much fun the players are having in training, I do however care about a result.

And I've got to hold my hands up; I like the way the football is going, but first and foremost, it's about results and while you could easily argue and I'd back you up, that a byproduct of playing the right football is that the results will come, sometimes, if it doesn't happen quickly enough, you might have to try something else.

Fulham away

So this weekend, I want to see a clinical Aston Villa, not a pretty or determined one. I want to see the chances made and the chances converted and for that to happen, we must play Darren Bent.

Last season, of all the strikers in the Premier League, Darren Bent had the best conversation rate of changes to goals and while some will rightly say that he wastes chances, based on that statistic wouldn't you like him to have twice as many a game?

Don't get me wrong, Benteke looks decent, but I don't see what he has done to warrant starting over the most effective striker in the entire league last season. I just can't see it and all this despite them having so much fun in training.

At the exact same time, we have to play Gabby on the left because he can create chances and with his pace and with orders to beat his man as many times as possible and look to cross the ball, he is going to scare the hell out of whoever is playing at right back for Fulham.

And by all means bring Benteke on. I'm not saying he shouldn't play, but when you are desperate for goals, the only way you are going to get them is if you create chances and if you're not going to create the chances, at least put someone on that is quite good at converting them.

But my final word on this is all about Darren Bent and if he has made up his mind that he wants off, then what better time to show off what you are all about; it is the shop window and if he goes out and shows his worth, while it would be sad to see him go, it can't be bad for the club.

So, to summarise; results count more than anything right now and to get the right result we need to attack like our next meal depended on it (suggesting they must have the hunger) and we must take the chances when they come and if we do that, we can get three points at the weekend. And if we don't, we could find ourselves, mathematically, bottom of the table by Sunday evening and for all the fun they are having at training, that isn't going to go down well on Monday morning.


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