Form is temporary, class is permanent: Transfer window opens this weekend

I'm not going into last night and I'm also going to leave the post-mortem until tomorrow - it doesn't seem right to write about that game after only seeing it once. I will pluck up the courage and watch it again, maybe tonight or tomorrow.

So, this is just a post to clear the air and we'll get back to that performance another time.

Christmas speculation

A new rumour today; Richard Dunne is interesting Celtic. He will find some great Irish bars in Glasgow where he will never have to buy a pint. From memory I can highly recommend Sharkeys on Old Rutherglen Road and he may even win silverware with Celtic too.

It isn't a permanent deal and if the rumour is to be believed Stephen Ireland will be with him on loan and he'll also like it in Glasgow. He'll get a lot of property for his money and he'll then be able to bling bling it, or whatever the youngsters call it, when they make something look horrible.

Apart from the above, there is nothing about players coming in and that is the most important thing the manager needs to be thinking about, but it could be because his scouting network is so deep undercover, that he is the only one that knows.

We will find out soon enough because I fancy he will act differently to O'Neill in the transfer market and it is December 29th.

Form is temporary class is permanent

I read the BBC report last night and it mentioned something like 'out-of-form Aston Villa' and it got me to thinking - that is all that is happening - we are out of form.

The previous manager just wanted the players to run for everything and they were happy doing that. This manager is asking them to do more and that takes time. There is also a desperate need for a class player or two and if that happens next week - it will help more than you and me know.

We are not far away now. The transfer window opens this week and this manager is going to be backed by the owner - I can see nothing else happening. It is his horse.