Football is sometimes right but then sometimes so very confusing

I was speaking to an old work colleague the other day and he asked if I was still blogging, I said I was but that it wasn't so often. He knew straight away why and you all know too. It's a horrible place where we find ourselves at the moment and it isn't new, we've been here before this season and we've flirted with it all season.

And I could go into why we are here, but that isn't worth it and there is no point right now. Let's just leave it at having an owner that simply doesn't care, despite what words we will get thrown at us and we've got a club, from the bottom up that have lost all belief.

Ultimately, when the people running and the person that owns the club don't care, it trickles down and that is why I'm not feeding you with daily posts about how this can be fixed, because you don't need to be a rocket scientist to know how it can be fixed.

But sometimes, you hear or read something that just makes sense, or doesn't and sometimes you have a moment of clarity. And if we're relegated, that is going to be a massive wake up call for some, because here is something else we've got to quickly get to grips with; if we go down, I don't think we're coming straight back up, in fact I'm fairly sure of it.


One of the things that I can't get my head around at the moment is what Arsenal fans must be thinking this week. News was published that they have cash reserves of £123.3m and they're currently sitting in a Europa League place.

They've sold their best player in the last two summer transfer windows and I know one supporter that predicted this happening if they didn't go out and bring in the right players and we can all see that they didn't bring in the right players.

A coupe of years ago I predicted Arsenal to win the league and I still think they can next season, but they are three players short and without Champions League football, we all know it will be much harder to get the players they need. Arsenal have so very nearly missed the boat and if they finish outside of the top four this season and Spurs keep hold of Bale and strengthen in the summer, they could become the next Liverpool.

And what I don't understand is how the Arsenal fans must be feeling, knowing they are paying the highest season ticket price in the Premier League but have little or no chance of winning the league. Why pay the highest price for a season ticket to not compete and for the money to sit in the bank?

Red Rafa

I know that has nothing to do with us but me writing about the rant Red Rafa had last night does, because right now we're in trouble and rather than bitch and moan or talk about protests, we need to be fully supportive of the team.

We've got 24 points and while I don't think we'll need 40 to stay up, I think it might be close and with eleven games to go, we really do need to win five of our remaining fixtures and as if by coincidence, I think of the six home games we have left to go, we can pick up most of those wins at Villa Park.

Red Rafa was talking about the need for Chelsea supporters to support the team or they could find themselves out of the Champions League and we need to support the team or find ourselves out of the Premier League and as I wrote above, if that happens, it could be some time before we come back.

Manchester City

I know this post isn't all Aston Villa, so I'm leaving it on Aston Villa and the match on Monday night and this one is winnable. Don't get me wrong, Manchester City are tough and odds have them as clear favourites to win, but they've lost the league this season and they are there for the taking.

But we also need Liverpool to win or at the very least take a point at Wigan because we need the incentive. If Wigan win on Saturday, our players go into this match knowing that even if they do win we're still in the bottom three and that isn't a great place to be.

We need the chance to get out of this bottom three, because that's what it all comes down to now; taking the chances that are in front of us and if we don't have them, I fear some of our players will think 'what's the point'.

If Wigan win, Monday is going to be very tough, but if we have the chance to leave the bottom three, I think we can. It all comes down to how other teams and that is depressing.