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Flat end to season for Aston Villa, change is coming and ten important games

Morning people and I'm sorry I didn't post anything after the game, but there was too many things going around my head that had I posted, I'd have got into trouble. No doubt I'll get into trouble to day too, because I'm going to write something that will be taken the wrong way.

But just let it be known that when the talk of Sherwood started up, I was in favour of him getting the job full time for next season and was more concerned about getting in a manager that would almost 'guarantee' our safety, if that is even possible.

And the reason I write that is because we looked like a Paul Lambert side against Arsenal and we have done the previous couple of matches too. It's almost as if and this is where I'm going to get into trouble, new manager syndrome is now well and truly officially over. But he does deserve a crack next season and he does deserve the opportunity to show us, with his own players, what he can do.

We were almost certainly going to get relegated with Paul Lambert and while I had my doubts about Sherwood, I think I wrote that he'd keep us up and that I fancied any half decent manager would. But we only finished one place above the relegation zone. However, it was job done and for that you've got to take your hat off to him.

You have to like Tim

And here is something else I've written; you can't help but like Tim Sherwood and this post isn't me saying he's only got ten games or the first half of the season, but the truth is, he has. But I'm not going to be saying or writing that he's got to go after then games if we're in the bottom three. He's got to be provided the funds and given the opportunities to do well and if he isn't, there is only one person to blame.

The thing is a lot of us can talk a good game of football and a lot of us know a lot about what is needed. But not many of us have had a background in football or have the network or opportunities to get a job in football. Next season is important for Tim and the first ten games are massive and I think we'll do okay with a new owner and we might even start to call it new owner syndrome, but we ended the season a little flat.

But maybe Tim is right; we have to learn how to be winners. But maybe we also have to learn to get the ball wide and shoot on goal. No shots in the FA Cup Final is shocking, but the season is over now and it's forgotten, but if the talk I'm hearing is true, they'll be a blog post soon with some news that is either going to make us all very happy or make us quite nervous (after we've had time for the news to settle).

But before I go; to those I met at the weekend, thank you. That was the most fun and the nicest part of the day. Hopefully again next season.