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First eleven this weekend, the window is open and video of the day

The FA Cup result was precisely what we needed and that's now four games without defeat. The performance could have been better, but we did play with what the manager might consider an almost second string side, so I don't think there will be that many surprised people.

But again, it's no defeat in four and while we're ten points from safety, we've got a few games coming up where if we're going to stay up, they're the ones we have to win and so the blind optimism begins and we look to West Brom.

And after West Brom we've got West Ham, Norwich, Liverpool and Stoke. In short, we'll know in a few short weeks what is going to happen. And the thing is, despite not losing the last two matches, we're not really getting any closer to safety. It's why West Brom is massive and why many will start to believe it's possible if we win.

But enough about what is to come, a little mention for Jordan Lyden who made his full debut the other night. I think it's fair to say seeing as he didn't play in his preferred position, that he made quite a convincing impression. The opponents would have helped, but it's still a job to do.

But the window is open

But that isn't the post. There really isn't a post. We've got a few days of the transfer window to go and a desperate need for a leader or someone that can inspire the other players and nothing happening. There is talk of Vidic, but he's not played all season and I think it's fair to say that would be a little too much of a gamble.

And there is talk that the club are trying to do things. There is no talk of who the player or players are (other than Vidic), but as long as it's a big name that can inspire and not just someone to add to the squad or bench, then there is a little more hope. It could happen by midday tomorrow and it might give us a little more hope for West Brom. It might.

And whoever thought it a good idea to bring in Crespo over the summer will be disappointed as he's headed out on loan for the rest of the season. He's not the first to go this window and I'm fairly confident he wont be the last. Not positive, but it's football.

Video of the day

Final thoughts of the day

And before I go, because I started this a while ago and I'm just getting back to it, I've read something today that our new Chairman, Stuart Hodge, has been speaking to the press. I've not read the comments, because I imagine I know what they are. And that's why the meeting with Tom Fox and Hodge will be a waste of time tonight. They'll empathise and speak positively and probably say what most want to hear.

Basically expect them to come across really well, because that's what they do. But don't forget that neither know that much about football and neither have much experience of football and that's basically why we're in the mess. But I suppose they have to learn somewhere. And I'll leave it with this; if we do go down, we don't need them learning the Championship with us but that is no guarantee that they'll go either, which is confirmation of the mess we are in.