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FA Cup weekend, ignoring some and hoping for others

It's been a good week. We ended last year with a win and started this one with another. And for all those that were moaning and complaining so much recently, I hope this gives you a reason to maybe to think differently.

The bigger issue, the one that Steve Bruce even mentioned, that wont go away because of two wins. That can only really go away if you ignore them. And ignore them we will.

But we have to forget about the league for this weekend because we've got the FA Cup to deal with and let me put it out there straight away; I'd have another season in the Championship if it meant we won the FA Cup. You know why. Football is about winning things.

But I'd also like to see some of the squad play tomorrow and I suspect we will see quite a few changes. So while I'd love to see us win this tournament, I think we also have to accept that the chances are very very slim. So, why not play the kids and see what happens?

Either way, I suspect it will be a good match. And in case you were feeling a little blue and needed something to make you smile.

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