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Di Matteo to create his Aston Villa legacy or Jack Grealish for captain. You decide which one is more plausible

I had a whopper of a blog post written yesterday that I deleted by accident. It was so great I don't think I can try to get it all back. What I'll do instead, is just get my key points across and let you ridicule me for them below.

The first one most will think is a joke, but it's not and if you give it five minutes, you might think it not such a bad idea. And it's this; make Jack Grealish captain. First, I think the only other player it can go to is Ciaran Clark, but for me Jack is more Villa. Also, I think Jack needs the responsibility.

Jack could be so good but if he ended up like Gabby, none of us would be surprised. And if Jack leaves, there will be certain demanded made on him by pretty much every other club he joins, that I suspect he can get away with at Aston Villa. I also think it's fair to say that his attitude this season hasn't been as focused as it could have been.

And when I look at the squad, I don't see anyone that is as much Aston Villa. I also see someone that I think could do with the responsibility. I hope I'm looking at someone that will embrace it for exactly what it is too, because that will say so much. But I also see a system that makes players, not supporters. Despite what we are told by them.

And there are many examples of players at a young age taking on this responsibility. It's also true that the role of captain isn't what it used to be. I really don't think it that stupid.

Roberto Di Matteo

And we have the possibility of a new manager in Roberto Do Matteo. Now, you all know that my first choice would be Moyes and I wont go into the reasons again, but I do think if we get Di Matteo, we have a greater chance of staying in the Championship for another season. But I hope I'm wrong.

And the thing is I could be wrong. Di Matteo could come in, bring the three or four players we need after getting rid of the players that have to go, we could not lose next season and be promoted by March. And Di Matteo will want an Aston Villa captain.

And the one thing I cling to for hope is what he did at West Brom. But then I speak to West Brom fans and they tell me that it was all laid out for him. But I have to have hope and I have to believe. But it feels a little like we've tried so many times with unproven managers that we should have learnt a lesson by now but we haven't. And I'm sorry, but when a manager hasn't spent more than two seasons at a club, he's still unproven for me.

However, it could also be that he never felt at home and never had a chance to do things his way from beginning to end. It could be that he gets that chance with us. And if it's going to be Tony Xia as the new owner, he'll probably give him that control, because he knows no better. So this could be his chance. And if it works ... Aston Villa could become his legacy.

And we could go next season not losing, confirming promotion by March and in Di Matteo we could find the next Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger. Nothing is impossible.

The funny thing is, I'm trying with Di Matteo but I can't see anything happening close to what I've described, but most Aston Villa fans will see that as the most plausible. Me, I think Jack needs the responsibility and believe that it will be good for him - while most Aston Villa fans will just think it's stupid because of his age. For one thing they'll think the idea stupid, yet they'll put all the hope in the world on Di Matteo - a manager that has built nothing.

But you can't say I'm not trying to be positive.