Defeat at Chelsea and this season against last and prediction

On our day, we can beat any side. Any side, on their day, can beat any side. Look at Crystal Palace or Arsenal yesterday. If they can both win, then there was a chance that we could have beaten Chelsea yesterday.

The thing is, it was Chelsea and we don't have many of those days. But, it was I thought a fairly decent first half and until that error from Mings, we didn't look completely out of it. And this is not a post about blaming Mings.

This is a post about us finding our feet and that it would have been nice if we started the season on our feet as opposed to trying to find it in the season. But it isn't so bad. I mean, we're twelfth after four games. It could be worse.

The thing to be aware of is that two of the sides in the bottom three could go above us if they won their next game. It could be worse, but it could be a lot better. I didn't think we'd have only four points after four games.

I made a hungover or drunk prediction of eighth, but the truth is I'd just be happy if we do better than last season. Doing better every season is what it should be about at the moment. It's not about winning the League.

That said and because it's a Sunday morning type of activity, I created a spreadsheet to show how many points we had at this stage last season, even though we could get fewer points this season and finish higher, the points the team in eighth place has this season (my prediction) and the points we actually have this season.

It's a sort of 'are we on target' spreadsheet. I might add in at some stage in the future the team in eleventh place, because it is about getting better than last season and that is determined on where you finish in the League, but for some reason, it doesn't feel right at the moment because right now I still think we're going to finish eighth.

That said, it is Sunday morning and I've got some apples to juice. But you know what, it's all good. It's only a game after all and there are plenty more.

The numbers

Aston Villa this season versus last versus prediction