Defeat to Sheffield Wednesday and Gabby looks to be off, Richards next

I don't know what to write. I suppose I can write that it's not what anyone would have hoped or even expected but someone will say that they expected it. Someone will say that Sheffield Wednesday is a tough place to go. And it is, if you're Burton.

I could write about how the owner was on Twitter with his pearls of wisdom, but I did that on Twitter and some didn't see the point. I need more wisdom.

Yesterday, Sheffield Wednesday wanted it more than us and they had a team that knew what they were doing. They also played better football and not many people can say the result wasn't fair.

The bottom line is we lost but there are plenty of games to go.

But lay off the players please. Seventeen minutes into the game there was someone twitter having a pop at Gardner. That same person had a pop at more than half of the players that started yesterday. It's too much. But it's the problem with the game today.

Too many supporters think it is about the players when the most important person at the Football Club is the manager and the decisions he makes. I mean, if you've got Rudy Gestede on the pitch, you play to his strengths right. I mean, if you're playing with someone that can jump higher than anyone, you put crosses in ... isn't that what you do?

Leave the players alone. They play a way the manager tells them to. We lost to Sheffield Wednesday because they knew what they were doing yesterday. Changes basically prevented us from winning. There is plenty of time but we need to win the next league match or people will start talking.

Gabby is off

It's not that I don't like Gabby. I don't know him. But he's never really been very good for us. He's surfed through on his local thing. But if you believe what you read on social media, he is is off. I think it's ultimately good for Aston Villa.

But now Micah Richards has to go. Any coincidence that Richards is close to the squad and we lose? Yes, I'll let someone pick up on that. Like a light.