Content with Aston Villa, Cowans, Grealish and a little on Forest

There comes a time in every season when things start to turn around. I hope it's this weekend for us. It's not critical that it is this weekend and I still firmly believe we will finish in one of the two places at the top to see us back in the Premier League at first time of asking, so if it's not this weekend, I'm actually okay with it.

I think that's also strange to write. Naturally I'll be disappointed if we don't win, but I've sort of come to the conclusion in my head, that we've got the best Championship squad and a CEO that knows what is needed to get us promoted.

I still think Di Matteo is a risk, but I think it's calculated. And the nature of calculated risks is that it goes both ways. I think this is the first time in a long time that I'm actually content with Aston Villa.

And there is another post coming, I've been working on it for days, but the basis of that post is that I support Aston Villa Football Club and not individuals but yesterday contradicted that feeling just a little with the news that Gordon Cowans was leaving and then that Jack Grealish signed a new contract.

Not all will remember Gordon Cowans and for the most part, because of my age, I have to rely on others too. But I do remember bits and there is a great post about Gordon Cowans here from Adam that everyone should read to learn a little more about him.

With Cowans, it's that someone clearly has Aston Villa at heart. With Grealish, it's the hope. I write hope, because I find it hard to believe players these days. But that's just me and if you want to believe, that's fine and Grealish has done nothing to suggest otherwise. The hope also extends to seeing him flourish because there is clearly again so much potential.

Nottingham Forest

So, that leads on to this weekend and Forest have had a good start to the season, but they lost to Brentford last time out who are only two points above us. If anything, I think it shows that it's hard to predict this season.

But that is why I think the strategy in the transfer window was a good one, even if I think too many changes is risky. But that is most definitely another post.

And seeing as I'm content with Aston Villa at the moment and in a frame of mind of accepting good things to come, I'm going to leave the post now and go get some lunch. It's almost Friday too, so I might make lunch extend a little bit longer with a bottle of wine. Expect drunk comments later.