Chelsea, Everton and another new badge

I have a view on football and it's a simple one that I've long held and written quite a few times on the blog and it's that I'll take a boring 1-0 win every single match if it means we win. And by this, I ultimately mean that football is about silverware. And winning is everything.

Would I enjoy watching us win by four or five every week or better still, end to end matches where we win by one or two and there are five or six goals, probably. Although now I think about that, I didn't really enjoy the last twenty minutes of Chelsea at the weekend and I'm getting older, so not sure how much of that I can take. 

And winning really is everything. Everything else is secondary. 

But those secondary aspects and components are what pay the bills. Like getting a new badge. I for one don't dislike the badge that we have now. Could it be better, yes. It's like they spoke to 3 people and decided what they liked and ran with it. It's like what happens in most large organisations these days.

They all do the same thing the same way asking the same questions and they're surprised when nothing changes for them and everyone is coming out with the same product or service or working in the same markets. 

But we have to keep people happy. We have to let them see that we are listening. It's just the way it is. I dislike it because I know it means we're going to be like everyone else but I accept it as part of the way things are these days. It's easier to just agree than challenge and nobody ever got fired for agreeing with the CEO.

But I'm fed up having an opinion on what is right or wrong because these days, it's not about having a view that is more than a few months out. We have a new badge coming and I don't know why. If that isn't right and there is enough uproar, that will change too. Guess what kids, the new shirt is coming and it will be claret and blue and some will like it and some wont. It will change the following season.

Right, rant over. We beat Chelsea and we have Everton tonight in the League Cup. And I like the League Cup because it's something we've won that I remember quite well. I'll be at home watching tonight with a beer or two and I'll be hoping we put in the type of performance and get the result, that demonstrates things are different. Just like we did at Chelsea.

And I hope when we do that there are a few out there moaning that it could only be better if we had a new badge!