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Can it be six in a row, Lewis and Snodgrass

I'm a big fan of Robert Snodgrass and not just because he's got that in the locker. It's because he runs and runs and runs and is clearly passionate about the game and winning.

And it's that passion, the running and most importantly the desire that we've missed over the years. Listen, I'm not putting this all on Snodgrass, but he represents what we need in every position. And others have it, but it's just that he scored the winner right at the end that I'm writing about it.

Had we not beaten Sheffield United and lets be clear, after that performance, they'd have been uproar and that is why Snodgrass is quickly becoming my player of the season. If Jack didn't always look to play that last pass and had a little more desire in scoring goals i.e. taking shots and chances, it would be him, but for me he doesn't have that killer instinct ... yet.

And I write about Jack, only because I remember writing this last season and it's a common theme. Jack has so much quality, but he's lacking that killer instinct and possibly because of how he's been brought up, in the Academy and not at the rec playing for five hours after school. But I think that killer instinct can come and I hope it does.

But this isn't about Jack and his comfort zone. This is about Aston Villa with us coming to the business end of the season. It's also a little about Lewis Grabban and Burton tomorrow. Two are things we should discuss.

Lewis Grabban

First up, I know little about him. But he did score a few goals at Sunderland earlier this season and he's at that age where you'd like to think that he knows what he's doing now. But I also think it's fair to say, having won the last five games, that he's here to support us if needed.

Hogan is the man at the moment and Davis is there if needed, but Grabban has scored goals in this League and he knows what is needed to win games. And I suppose, this isn't about romance anymore. If we want to be promoted, we need proven players right now and in this League, Lewis Grabban is proven.

Burton Albion

Does anyone know the last time we did win six in a row? I'm not saying we are going to tomorrow, but it would be nice. And it wont be a walk in the park, but it's possible. It's also possible tomorrow to end up in the top two but lets not count chickens.

And this reminds me of something I wrote a few weeks ago and I got so much abuse. I wrote that this was the best season we've had in years and supporters were still moaning. I stand by that. And I ask again; when was the last time we won five in a row and we were third in the table at the business end of the season?

I know we're not in the Premier League, but if we end up there next season we're not going to do as well unless we get gifted £500,000 and spend it wisely. And we'll look back next season, if we do get promoted, longing for that five game run, the victories and that feeling on a Saturday evening that makes your weekend feel like a good one.

So tomorrow is going to be tough and it's because of the pressure and the possible outcome. Every game is hard but for different reasons this season. There is a mentality at this end of the table that as supporters it's not something we've had to consider before and it's why scoring in the 90th minute feels so good.