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Can Gabby prove to be the main man next season and a little on Vlaar, Cleverley and Weimann

When a blog post gets so many comments, it sends an alert to me that maybe it's about time I write something new but with nothing really happening, it's hard. And I could write about Tom Cleverley or Ron Vlaar, but they made their beds and I'm not getting into them. But, there is also Weimann.

But now I've opened that can of worms, I'm going to, because there has to be something written. So I'll start with Vlaar and even though he is 30 years old and even though of the 114 League games he could have played for us he only managed 77, mostly because of injury, on the face of things I'd like him to stay.

But then I think of Gabby. I like Gabby because he represents what it should be to play for your Football Club, but I ultimately think we are better without Gabby. So when I think of Gabby and Vlaar, I think we will be better without him.

But don't get me started on Gabby because I've not done the numbers, it's just a feeling. But he didn't play in the semi-final and when he did come back, against West Ham and then for the remainder of the season, we seemed to lose what was good about us, in that short spell of time.

And I think that with Vlaar or any central defender, what you want more than anything (apart from the obvious) is continuity. And I know you can't go into any season knowing you'll have a player stay fit and injury free, but with Vlaar you just fancy there will be a period of time when he's out and as he gets older the duration of that time he spends on the treatment table is going to get longer.

And we shouldn't begrudge him wanting a final pay day. He's on a free now and that probably adds a million to his annual pay packet (if not more) for the next four years, but when you take away that continuity and the prolonged time on the treatment table, wouldn't that extra money be more wisely invested in a player that we could have at the club for a much longer period of time?

On the face of things, I'd like Vlaar to stay, but I think football isn't what it should be and I think we could probably spend the £5mn extra he wants on a four year deal on someone that shows potential and desire, that has probably left him. Let someone else get 20 games out of him next season and let us get someone in that is good for Aston Villa and will probably turn out to be good business.

Weimann and Tom

But it's not just Vlaar; Tom Cleverley didn't want to stay and he's joined Everton. We have to ask why, but deep down we all know why. He'll do well at Everton and his style of play will suit the way they play. But I'd have loved him to stay and I don't think he'll be the last to leave. In fact, I'm fairly certain.

There is talk that Derby are interested in Weimann and I think it might even have been confirmed by someone at Derby and even though I'm a long time admirer of the player, I'm not convinced the Premier League is his stage and it's with reluctance, I think for all Aston Villa fans, that we have to say goodbye to him. He's not going far, so it's an easy move for him and if a team builds a way to play with him as the main striker, he could come good.

I don't think it will ever happen at Aston Villa, but a team in the Championship might because they might see the potential and if he can play in a team that delivers the opportunities for him, he'll score goals and he'll do well. If he goes to Derby, I like probably many Aston Villa fans will keep an eye on their results next season and no doubt if he does start to bang them in, we'll question why we didn't play to his strengths when at Villa. But he was never close to first choice so it's easy to see why.

And this brings me back to Gabby, because if Weimann goes and if Benteke does end up at Chelsea, he could be our main man and maybe my views on the local boy done good will change, because I don't think we've ever gone into a season with Gabby as the main man. And maybe, just maybe, that's what Gabby needs; to be the main man, that we're trying to feed. If he gets that treatment, then maybe he'll come good next season. But it has to happen with him as the lone striker with someone playing off him.

More than just a post

So, it's goodbye Tom and thank you, but we understand. Ron; probably time to pack your bags and find a club that will factor in you're on a free and pay you what you'd like. Andreas; go tear up the Championship and Gabby, this could be your season. It really could.

And on that, I'm going to take the boy to his football match and try to enjoy Sunday. It's going to be a long summer.