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Big game today Tim, local pride and bragging rights and all that

You all know I love Aston Villa. Why else would I put myself through this season after season. Why else would I be willing to share my opinion and read yours. But why did I grow up just outside Burntwood and why couldn't I have fallen in love with a sport like rugby?

But I did grow up there and I did play and love football and when I was six years old Aston Villa won the league and we all know what happened a year later. But I really don't remember those days. The days I remember are 1994 and 1996, but they were special too.

But there are other special days. Tonight wont be special, whatever happens because it's Birmingham City. But it will be special for them because this will be the biggest game they play all season and for possible a few seasons to come. Me, I'm going to be on a flight for the first 15 minutes of the match so I'm going to miss kick-off and when I realised that I was quite gutted, but now I'm not.

Now, the first fifteen minutes don't actually matter. We could go one down in the first fifteen minutes and it really wouldn't matter. It won't matter because we are always going to have to score and chances are we're going to have to score more than one. So I'm going to miss kick off and then I'm going to sit in the car for an hour to watch the rest of the game.

No more talking Tim

And the reason I wrote the title the way I did was because of this next point and that's that Tim has to start to stop telling us what we already know. He's going to stop telling the papers what he thinks they want to hear and he's going to get his players doing what he wants on the pitch and let them do the talking.

He spoke about local pride and bragging rights before the West Brom match and he got that wrong. Tonight, it's just about winning and doing it with some passion and pride on the pitch. Don't worry about us Tim, that's not your job. Worry about the performances on the pitch.

I'll be back later with team news and build up. And if you're a clown, enjoy your FA Cup final.