Away tonight, Arsenal last weekend and Brentford on Sunday

What happened at the weekend? Oh, that's right, Arsenal supporters it turns out can moan and complain like Liverpool fans and their manager can act like a child that doesn't get what he wants for Christmas. It was a good week wasn't it.

But that is done and now we focus on tonight and the Europa Conference League because we focus on what is in front of us, not what happened. And a draw tonight means we are guaranteed to win the group, so I suspect we'll see changes.

We could also lose and it's likely we would still win the group and that is why we will probably see more than just one or two changes. That and we also play on Sunday. It's a busy December. 

And on paper, we should have enough to win tonight but it's not a guarantee and when Zrinjski Mostar came to Villa Park it wasn't as straightforward as we maybe thought it was. I suspect it will be a battle tonight and that I think is going to be good for the players coming in. 

And the players coming in tonight, if in fact that happens, will want a proper run out and it will prepare them for the rest of the month. After Brentford on Sunday we still have a further three fixtures in eight days. It's a pretty relentless month with lots of points on offer.

And we all know what points make.