Attitude wins, Manchester United on Sunday and highlights

If we play the rest of the season like we played the other night we will finish in the top half. Monday night was a demonstration of how Aston Villa should approach every match and not just the sides around us. If we approached Spurs like that, we'd have beaten Spurs.

And if we approach Manchester United in the same way on Sunday, we will beat Manchester United. Monday showed what we are capable of when going forward. It also showed the quality we have defensively.

Granted it was Newcastle and they never came to win, but it's the attitude that counts. And it's the attitude that often determines the outcome. Sort of makes sense doesn't it when words are written down like that.

From kick off we looked a better side. That Jack fell to the ground at the final whistle summed it up for me. He didn't stop running and he was always available and in the right place. That Mings had time and composure on the ball shows how he has developed. Luiz, while some might say did very little, for me was always a pass ahead of the Newcastle players and that is a sign of his quality.

The only area of frustration for me was Wes, but that will come good. He got himself into the right positions but Newcastle always had a player or two around him. But that was how Newcastle came to play. Manchester United wont play that way against us on Sunday and that will suit him. I hope.

And I can't not publish this post without a mention of Conor Hourihane and his left foot. How special was that. You can watch it again below. But I suppose I should also say that everyone played well and the overall approach was fantastic. I loved watching the full backs attack. More on Sunday please.

And if you won the competition last week, you still need to contact me. I don't have your email address!