At Old Trafford in the FA Cup, not what it used to be

It's game day baby and we all love the FA Cup and we all love a match we can win just a little bit more. This isn't me saying we're going to win tonight but this is me saying Manchester United are not what Manchester United used to be and they are beatable. In my life, I don't remember a better time to play Manchester United.

They have the players that can play at the highest level and make games special so again, this isn't me saying we're going to win, it's just me saying, this is a good chance for us. It's a good chance for most sides. And that's why it's not the Manchester United that most of us remember.

And before I get started, I believe there is a chance we will see Coutinho tonight. A lot of press are reporting that he needs to get a work permit, but Marca reported in 2018 that Coutinho has a Portuguese passport, so that effectively makes him European now. It's also on his Wikipedia page and because registration needed to be done my lunch today, surely there has to be a chance he makes the bench?

Right, that written and my part about going to Old Trafford isn't as tough as it once was, we can move on to more speculation and this time, it's focused on Everton left back Lucas Digne and while I hear positive things, I'm only hearing them. And by that I mean, positive things about the player. I also quite like Matty Targett, so hopefully it makes him a better player if this happens.

And that's about it for speculation, so it's back to the match later. We have a chance and it's a good one, but we shouldn't get our hopes up. It still is Manchester United, even if it's not the Manchester United of old and truth be told, it's 11 versus 11 and anything can happen. I'll be back about an hour before the match. Until then, leave your predictions below.