At Chelsea in the FA Cup and Klopp to leave Liverpool

I know I've written this a few times, but I did have a banging post the other day that when I updated my machine, got deleted. That said, the crux of the post was that if Chelsea were to beat Boro, they'll probably not be as tough to play against tonight.

I can't go into all the analysis of how I got to that view, as it would mean doing all the work again and it took hours (almost), so you just have to accept my view as having solid reasoning. 

That isn't to say tonight is going to be easy. Chelsea are on a good run and when teams get into a good run, they become better. We're not in the best run of form we've had all season but I think tonight will be a good game and exactly what we need. We need to play a team full of confidence that isn't going to sit back against us.

So that said, it's probably easier for me to leave it there. We don't do match facts in the FA Cup, or should I say the BBC don't. And because they don't, you're not getting any. That said, I did check and while checking I learnt that Klopp is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season, because he no longer has the energy the job deserves.

And I just want to say, I'd love it if Steven Gerrard got the job, I'd just love it. And I bet you he's hoping. But we know it wont happen but don't be surprised if they come sniffing for their new manager at our door. There are not many better with proven Premier League experience and while I don't think it will happen, you can never say never in football.

Right, that said. I need to get ready for a lunch call and a big night. Any predictions?