Aston Villa on target to stay up this season, Rémi just needs to change why we play the game

I've had time to reflect on the weekend and I've also been inspired by others. I also learnt last night that Leicester were bottom of the table last season after 13 games and look at them now. I also wrote this blog post on October 31st about what we needed for the rest of the season and believe it or not, we're on target to stay up this season.

In that post, I basically wrote that with every three games, we need to win one, draw one and lose one and it will be enough. Well, he's had two games and he's drawn one and lost one. And the only thing that changed with Leicester last season was that they started to go out wanting to win games.

And that is all Rémi Garde has to do. Just look at Liverpool under Klopp. He's got the exact same players that Rogders had, they're just playing differently. It's not rocket science.

I blamed the owner in the last post, but I'm not going to do that again. We know he's made mistakes, but he hasn't made them on purpose. He's done them with the best intentions. He appointed Tom Fox with the best intentions and he approved Rémi Garde with the best intentions. And while I don't believe he'll make significant funds available in January, I do believe he'll make some available.

All in all, I think we've got enough to stay up, but I do stand by what I wrote in my last post and that is, we've got to brace ourselves for the worst. But as things stand from my post last month, we're on target to stay up. Just as long as we continue to stick to what is needed.

And on that, I'm about to get on a plane and to spend two days talking about organisational change. You know, these days, we've all got to change and do things differently or we're going to get left behind. The thing is, it's never wise to make wholesale changes. It feels a little like Aston Villa are on the right track and I hope to one day be proven wrong.

So, if anything happens, you know where to find me. Onwards and all that.

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