Can't play like that again for a while and the long throw

I didn't write after the Wolves match because it was one of those things and I didn't want to write to just be different. 95 times out of 100 we will win a match we are leading 2-0 with ten minutes to go but if we play like we played against Arsenal too many times in a season then it's going to get messy.

Arsenal were decent but we made them look like Barcelona in their pomp and nobody wants to see their Club play like that.

It was summed up for me at the end of the first half. We had an opportunity, from a free kick, to have a chance on their goal. When the ref blew the whistle to take the free kick neither player knew what to do, so they both went for it. We literally didn't know what we were doing.

Things have to change. And I don't mean formation, but I question why we changed from last season. The formation isn't the issue. The issue is if you decide to play a certain way you have to play to the strengths of that formation and the approach you want. I guess you could call that a system. We sent them out a certain way but didn't tell them what was expected or if we did, it was wrong.

But I write this with a certain calmness, Dean Smith has got us here and every season we've finished better than the season before and I still believe we will this season. Progress isn't instant.

So I'm taking it in my stride. It could be a lot worse but yes, it could and should be a little bit better than what it is. And these throw-ins from Cash as soon as we think he can launch it into the box. They have to stop. It's making us actually look like a Championship side. And if we can do things that don't make us look like a Championship side, it's probably a good thing.

The long throw