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Aston Villa and David Moyes, not even a dark day and Mellberg wins first match

I should have written this post earlier, but on Sunday I went to watch Olof Mellberg win his first league match as manager of Brommapojkarna and on Saturday, I was basically just relieved that it was finally over. I felt a little like Joleon Lescott. The phone in the pocket was a mistake for sure, but I think his interview after the match has been blown out of all proportion.

And because it was just relief, I didn't bother with a post. And while Saturday didn't really matter, it does. And with news today from Pat Murphy that David Moyes is interested in talking about the job, we have to believe that it is going to matter for Randy Lerner and Steve Hollis too.

I say this because if Pat writes it I believe it but if Moyes is interested, he's not going to want to go through Bernstein only to go through Hollis to get to Lerner. He's also going to want guarantees on funds and complete control of footballing matters. He's basically going to want to learn how serious Lerner is in getting back into the Premier League.

If we don't get Moyes, it will suggest, to me anyway, that Lerner isn't willing to put in the necessary funds to make it happen or Hollis and Bernstein are not willing to relinquish control of footballing matters. And not knowing what one will mean we just have to figure it out over time, but for me, they are the areas that Moyes will be most interested in.

But even if Moyes is interested and willing to take over, I'm not sure it's going to happen any time soon. I do firmly believe that Moyes is the only man we should be going for and I think there is every chance we can get him but I do believe it ultimately rests on having control of footballing matters. I write this because I believe Lerner will provide the necessary funds. But again, that's just me.

And you may call me naive if you want. Like some of you did with my chart. But I believed it was possible and in that belief I put hope. I'm not sorry for it.

Championship football

But now we are down, it's time to accept it and move on. I think the supporters have and so far most have been fantastic. We just have to hope that Eric Black accepts now that he has to play as many of the youngsters that are part of the squad that he can.

And this part isn't nice but you might as well let the likes of Gabby, Guzan, Richards, Bacuna, Cissokho, Sinclair and Lescott go on holiday and find new clubs. There are more too, that is just the players that I know we'd all agree on. Now is a time for accepting that things are going to change and that things need to change.

And this is it. Huge change is coming. But and this is the thing, Saturday wasn't a dark day for Aston Villa. The supporters at Old Trafford were having a party and that for me sums it all up. And I think it's fantastic. It wasn't really a dark day because it wasn't a surprise and because of that it makes it really important that Moyes gets the job. If he doesn't, I think it will be hard for many to endorse what the club have done and what they are about to do.

So on that, I say lets look forward to Newcastle and the summer. It's going to be fun next season as long as the club do the right thing. I think they will. I think they have to.

Update to post

I don't normally update posts once published but minutes after posting this, news broke that Bernstein and Kind have resigned form Aston Villa. take into consideration what I've said above, this to me is good news. This is the owner or Chairman basically figuring out what is needed. This for me paves the way for Moyes. Now it's about Lerner and funds.

Go forth and get our man Mr Hollis.