Aston Villa American tour, no real news and no rumours

Words are just words and they don't count for much when adding everything up - actions are what count, but it is nice that the manager is saying the right things; it makes you like him.

But our default position with the manager should be that we like him. Sure, the last man was never going to get that but that was why the appointment was wrong from the first day and why someone should have known better - but by default, this manager should be liked.

And he does seem to be saying all the right things at the moment. But, I suppose, it is that time of the season and because it is that time of the season I sort of expect that there will be some things happening soon - it just sort of feels as if things are going to happen.

Words that make you feel nice

Paul Lambert on trying to get deals done
You think something’s going to get done and then it doesn’t and then it’s back on again and then it isn’t. It can go like that when people are being greedy.
Paul Lambert on pre-season
But it's new. There's freshness about it for them. They can go and express themselves. Once it starts for real that's when it really matters.
Paul Lambert on Darren Bent
His influence at this club is huge as a result of what he has done in all his football career up to now. His goalscoring record here is phenomenal and it is a big plus for us to have him fit.
Paul Lambert on Brad Guzan
I've watched Brad and some of his games when he was in the team last year and he was excellent.

And the above is just a quick selection from what I found yesterday - there is more. But all that matters is the football and that isn't going to come straight away, or from pre-season or by any set date.

Talking of pre-season, there are some matches coming up in America and I know that there are a few interested readers of the blog wanting to know if anything is happening before or after the games - so if you know anything, please leave it below.

The US Tour

  • Philadelphia Union: July 18, 7.30pm US time, 12.30am UK time
  • Chicago Fire: July 21, 7.30pm US time, 1.30am UK time
  • Portland Timbers: July 24, 8pm UK time, 4am UK time

Villa Banter

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