And now the business of football is broken

I think we have to verge into what football has become for the post today. The game is broken. In fact, I think you could argue that it is no longer a game. It's a business that relies on marketing, insights and generating as much money as possible.

It's no longer about kids playing in the park, it's just about farming talented kids and spending as much as you can, on a gamble to make money to be able to continue paying money on players to make more money. I think it's summed up by the desire to start playing again as quickly as possible, as if the game is above everything else.

And some of the stories are ridiculous. Neutral grounds and empty stadiums isn't the essence of the game. It's the essence of money. Everything that is getting written and said now is about money.

My first post after all this started to happen, in March, said the fairest way would be to void the season and I stand by that. It's not because it's nice, it's because we can then start to look forward. And back then, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

And it seems even more like the right thing to do today. Football isn't bigger than anything else and people shouldn't be put at risk for profit. Notice how I didn't write how people shouldn't be put at risk for a game. I really don't think it's a game any more. That is just the vehicle people use to make money.

It was the right thing to do in March because it is a global crisis. It is still a global crisis and we don't know when it's going to end. And we're old enough and clever enough to know that the chances it's over and low and the chances that we haven't seen the worst of it are quite high. And more importantly, that is how we should be thinking. We shouldn't be thinking about how much money we can make.

We should be thinking about how we approach next season and how we can use all this money in the game to use that money for the good of the game, not a few people or players that earn in a season more than they would need in a lifetime. It wont happen, but it should happen.

This is an opportunity to make the future of football safer, better and more inclusive. This is an opportunity for the business of football to change for the benefit of the game. I would love to see it happen. But I know it wont and this only confirms that it's broken and when something is broken, it really isn't long before it gets disrupted and there will be a lot of people complaining, when that happens.

And this is when they could do something. One day, we'll look back at this season and likely say this is when it should have happened.

The season should be cancelled so we can all move on. We should cancel the season so the Clubs can all go about making plans to make money out of us in this down period in ways that will have to be new. the season should be cancelled so we don't get relegated and Liverpool don't win the League.