A simple post: The Fonz and Brad Guzan

Just a short blog post today as I'm working on something that is taking up too much time and I need to get it finished, but I thought it would be nice to write this fresh and to get a break from numbers.

And to confirm how short this post is going to be, it will focus on two players; Nathan Delfouneso and Brad Guzan because these two are in the news at the moment, one for good, the other for bad, sort of.

First, I'll start with the bad and it has to be The Fonz, because you can't help but think his time at Aston Villa is now pretty much over after he joined Blackpool on loan. Sure, you can say the manager is going to give him some game time and if we need him we can always recall him, but with the strikers we have at the club and the manager bringing in players over him, it doesn't look good.

And that doesn't feel nice either, as there was a great deal of hope surrounding The Fonz, but could he come back? I'm not so sure now, but I'd like to think he could. I'd like to think he will find his scoring boots and demand a place back, but I'm starting to think that if he finds his scoring boots, it will be in The Championship and that it might just be his level.

I hope I'm wrong and he still is only 21 years old, but time will tell.

Brad Guzan

The thing that I liked about his performance against Newcastle wasn't just that he seemed to come for everything or that he couldn't be blamed for the goal - you could easily argue that ben Arfa was given too much space just outside the box, it was that he marshalled the team in front of him.

Okay, it is a mix of all three, but you saw him take control in a way we haven't seen from a keeper for a while. But the question now is; should he keep his place? I think the most would say yes and I have to agree, but how long does it take for him to be considered our number one?

I ask because if he makes a mistake or two, the critics will be on his back and calling for Shay, but he is 27 years old now and it is conceivable that that he is hitting his peak years.

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