A look at Newcastle, Gabby off in January and the transfer window

It's been another one of those weeks. I've had two posts not make it past my sober editor. And the thing is, both were news posts that just tuned nasty. The first one was about the club Twitter account story and the second was about the new Chairman.

Both basically turned into a joke, much like our club, so I didn't follow them up. Neither of the stories really matter. But for the record I've unfollowed the club and the new Chairman will be just for PR purposes or a family member. But hopefully it's someone with vision that sacks the CEO and his team.

The only thing that really matters is the match at Newcastle and it's glaringly obvious that we need to win. A point isn't close to good enough and the truth is were probably five wins from getting out of the relegation zone. We need to hit top six form very soon to survive and if we don't find it by the end of this year we're going to need top four form from January onwards.

And deep down, we know what's going to happen. It was a stupid decision to appoint Sherwood. It was an even more stupid decision to bring in so many new players and now, on the verge of the Championship, we're going to go spend more money so we can lose more next summer. The club is in serious trouble and Lerner not acting proves it every day.

A look at Newcastle

And we've only got ourselves to blame. Or actually, I'm not to blame, because I warned you so many times about this, you can't be surprised. And it's not the supporters fault that we're in this mess but it's shocking to remember that so many sat back, clapped and lapped it up. It's a little like the Newcastle fans wanting rid of Pardew. I bet they regret that now.

And Newcastle have looked better the past few weeks and they're now clear of the bottom three. But they do have Steve McClaren as a manager so they could just as easily implode and as a team you can not predict what is going to happen. When McClaren starts to believe he's this great manager again and Newcastle fans will see it when it starts, his team will implode.

But I don't think that will happen this weekend. We can win, but I don't think it will be because Newcastle are shit. If we're to win tomorrow, we must beat Newcastle to every ball and we must attack like the lights are about to be turned off. Can you see it happening?

Gabby and January

So, there is talk that a player or two is lined up and ready to come in. I've also written about the importance of getting these players registered on January 1st. Have I written about Gabby leaving?

Gabby will get a new club but I'm not sure why. And I mean no disrespect to Gabby, but he's a striker in his 11th season for the club and he's scored 84 goals. It's the type of number Ronaldo sets himself at the start of a season. He's an Aston Villa fan and we all think he's great, but he's not good enough. But, let this sink in for a moment; he'll still get £40,000 a week from another club despite them knowing this. The game is broken.

£10k a week is half a million pound a year and I think that is too much for Gabby. But someone will pay more. But he is an earner and it will be good to clear his salary and the likes of N'Zogbia off the pay role so we can go out and loan in the two or three players we need until the end of the season. And I mean, we go out and get the best money can buy ... or borrow.

This is the season that will define these players and this is the window that will define Lerner.

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