A little more than ten minutes with Ian Taylor

I'm not sure if I can call the legend that is Ian Taylor 'Tayls' but for tonight I'm going to. Maybe it's the beer or maybe it's the buzz I've still got after chatting to him for half an hour. I'm not entirely sure why but if we chat again I've got a feeling it will go back to Ian.

I'm sorry for stating the obvious but you can just tell when you spend some time chatting to him that he has got claret and blue blood and his love for the club is probably, only just second or maybe third, to his love for his family and maybe Justin Timberlake.

We did all the usual questions and I'll post those at the bottom with Ian's answers but what was most interesting was his take on his time at Aston Villa and the current setup at the club.

A lot of people that sent questions in really wanted to know about his special moments at Villa and as you can probably tell by the video to the right, his goal at the League Cup final is one of them and for a moment while we were talking it was his fondest.

When I pushed Ian on his most cherished moment the Cup Final goal came up and I think professionally it probably is his most cherished moment but then the Aston Villa fan in him, that has stood in the Holte End and travelled to the away games, came forward and stamped it out.

His most cherished moment as an Aston Villa fan was his first goal, on his debut against Chelsea. Guess what end he scored at! That wasn't really a question.

Somebody wanted to know if Ian regretted not going to the World Cup in 1998 with Jamaica, which I didn't even know was an option and as it turns out it wasn't. Jamaica approached Ian and I think quite a few people were looking for a long lost grandmother but they couldn't find one. He would have loved to have gone but he didn't qualify. Personally I think he could have done a job for England, but that's just my opinion.

Before I get to the question and answer part I will tell you we talked about Gareth Barry. You won't be surprised to hear that Tayls agrees with us all and thinks that Barry should 'definitely be in the team'.

Okay, here comes the Q&A

AVB: Villa have had a dream start this season. Where do you think the team can be improved?
IT: We need another quality striker but right now we need more quality players as the squad isn't big enough.

AVB: Is David O'Leary the worst modern day manager Villa have had or do Graham Turner or Billy McNeil pip him to that accolade?
IT: O'Leary's gotta be the worst!

AVB: What is achievable for Villa this season and where do you think they should be in three season?
IT: Top six and UEFA cup is achievable this year and in three years it has to be Champions League.

AVB: Who would be in your all time Villa 11?
IT: Schmeichel, McGrath, Evans, Gibson, Cowans, Ian Taylor*, Merson, Morley, Shaw, Little
*I forced Ian to pick himself, simply because I think he should be in it. I'm also waiting for his fourth defender, I'll let you know who it is when I find out.

AVB: If you could spend a night in the pub with any three people who would you pick and why?
IT: Pamela Anderson, the lead singer from Pussy Cat Dolls, I think her name is Nicole and Jamie Foxx.

AVB: Favourite film and TV series?
IT: Lock Stock and Sopranos

AVB: What is in your CD player right now?
IT: I'm listening to Lupe Fiasco but in the CD player is (silence for a minute) Justin Timberlake.

AVB: Best player you played with at Villa and who is the most promising of the youngsters?
IT: I want to say Steven Davis but I'm not sure if he can still be classed as a youngster so I'm going to say Osbourne. As for the best player, Merson.

That's it for the Q&A. I'd like to thank Ian for his time, it was an absolute pleasure and privilege. I should also probably apologise for making public the Justin Timberlake thing but in his defense it could belong to the wife.