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A lethargic Aston Villa beat a clueless Sunderland

I think it's worth pointing out that before the match, there were a few that were a little nervous. Hands up, I was one of them. The nervousness came from that place of knowing that anything can happen with a new manager.

And with that said, I think we approached the game very cautiously yesterday. We didn't really go for it and the first goal sort of just presented itself and the second was a deflection, albeit from an effort. And Sunderland looked fragile.

Maybe fragile isn't the right word. Sunderland were weak. No, I think pathetic is a more fitting word for their performance yesterday. It was like visiting a strip club. Lots of running around but little real interest and you knew despite all the build up, nothing was going to happen.

The thing I like about what happened yesterday was that we are now in an equal place. We're in Sweden. We're five points from automatic promotion and we're five points from the team trying to get into the play-offs.

And for the first time this season, the trend line now shows us entering the top two this year.

Let that sink in.

Talking of Sweden

You may know that I've followed a Swedish team for the past couple of seasons called Brommapojkarna because in late 2015, the legend that is Olof Mellberg became manager. He took over when they were in the 3rd tier of Swedish football.

In two seasons, he's taken them to the top flight. Yesterday, he resigned.

His stock has risen and I'm fairly sure he's taking a break because he has achieved what he set out to achieve. I don't think he's got another job lined up and he doesn't need the money, but he'll know that if he takes his time, there is a career here for him now.

I suspect we'll see him managing again soon. Probably next season in a League that doesn't play during the summer.