A happy day today, Aston Villa tomorrow and betting madness

It's the weekend and that means football. No Aston Villa today, but that sort of doesn't matter, as it's only a day away. We've got some good games today and it's a day of rest. Or a day of taking kids here there and everywhere.

For me, it's starting with a nice cup of coffee and it's going to end with a long walk home. And I might have a bet too. In fact, I'm going to have a bet every week from now on and just play all the Premier League games. I won't win often, but I'm not going to bet big.

And I'm betting just to make the weekend interesting. And if one comes in, it's a bonus. I'm pitting my wits against the footballing Gods.

Stoke tomorrow

So, seeing as we're playing tomorrow, this could be seen as a mini-preview post and it will be mini, I promise. It's early and the coffee is too warm to drink, so I'm still half asleep. Look at the time I put this post up, I don't know why I'm up this early.

And Stoke will be tough but we're at home again and we've done okay at Villa Park recently and in football anything is possible. We're on the same points as Stoke and unless West Ham beat Manchester United, we'll go into this game in tenth place, so it's a good starting place.

And even though I'd love to see West Ham beat Manchester United, I don't think they will. I actually think it will be a draw. Which will mean, if all goes to plan tomorrow, not only will we be safe safe (I actually think we're safe now and that 34 points will be enough for the team that finishes 17th), but we'll be able to create a little cushion.

And did you know, that even though Stephen Ireland signed for Stoke and is no longer our player, part of the deal was that he couldn't play against us. I didn't. I just found out today. I think that was quite smart.

We should do that will all the players we release; they can never play against us. That would be smart. And I think we'll be happy tomorrow.

A happy day

So on that note, I'm going to leave you. But I'm going to leave you with this video of the day. It's a little bit not like me to leave something like this, but it's a long one, for a good cause and just put it on in the background.

And because tomorrow, we're all going to be happy. And I might even add it to this YouTube group for Aston Villa videos that any member of this site can join and add links to.