Your best Aston Villa memory of 2009

I'm in festive spirits. There is snow outside, my presents are nearly all wrapped and the tree is up. There is no football until Sunday when we play Arsenal in London and I just have a feeling we are going to win. If I could make a wish for Christmas that would be it; three points in London and I'll be happy.

Now, {rokbox title=|Santa is an Aston Villa fan :: Visiting Villa Park| text=|Father Christmas might actually be an Aston Villa fan|size=|640 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox} and if he is reading this, I hope he grants me my wish, but even if he wasn't, I just have a good feeling. The fluidity of football is nice to watch and has been for a few games and I think that will be enough for us against Arsenal. Well, that and the determination and back four.

On the other hand it might not be. On the other hand we might have a hangover and on the other hand we might get spanked and if we do, we have a job. That job is to not throw our toys out of our prams. Our job is to take it on the chin.

You see, Spurs travel to Fulham the day before and I don't think they will get anything more than a point. In fact I might have a bet on a draw as I fancy it has 1-1 or 2-2 written all over it.

Come Sunday, when they've only picked up a point, we will still be fourth and if all my Christmas wishes were to come true on Sunday, we might very well end the day second in the table, then, rather than asking you not to throw your toys, I'll be suggesting that you keep things in perspective, but even I might get a little carried away if Father Christmas really does grant all my wishes.

But today; there isn't a rumour to be found anywhere, even when I scrape the barrel. I also don't expect much over the next dew days, although I expect it to hot up a little after the Liverpool game, because when we pick up three points from that match, we will be in a real position of strength and the media will likely get carried away.

No doubt, I will too, but despite what our manager is saying, I expect us to bring in one player and I also expect that player to make an impact this season.

But for now and seeing as the year is coming to an end, we want your best Aston Villa memory from 2009. Is it the James Milner goal form the other day or was it the Liverpool away match or was it The Peace Cup or was it your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend buying you something Aston Villa related or maybe your child's first words were 'Agbonlahor'?

It doesn't matter what the memory is, as long as it is related to Aston Villa in one way or another. So, please tell us and if we get enough we're going to dedicate a post to it on New Years Eve. For now, I'm off to find a Mince Pie.