Win one of two Savile Rogue cashmere wool Aston Villa scarves and pick your centre back

Morning all. Since we've got the new head of media, nothing has really changed in the content that we get from the club, it's still actually poor and stuff we already know, but one thing that has happened, is that the rumours have all dried up.

The rumours drying up worries me. First, it is just over seven weeks until we can bring in new players and if O'Neill was sniffing around looking for better players then someone somewhere is going to let something slip and that is how rumours start, but if nobody is saying anything, then it sort of suggests that all that is going to happen is what we all sort of expect is going to happen.

Or, it could be that O'Neill has already sorted January and we have nothing to worry about. He has identified the players that he wants to bring in to make us stronger and help us do better than last season. All we have to worry about now is who are preferred players are, so to figure that out, the next question is to the right and below, we have a very special competition.

Savile Rogue - the world’s most luxurious football scarves, oh yes

Now, you might have seen these scarves (click the the logo of Savile Rogue to the right to see the images), I know I have and I have to hold my hands up and say I have looked for them, but it was mostly in all the wrong places, but yesterday, they emailed me wanting to give me two of their scarves to give away in a competition, which also meant I got one for myself.

{rokbox album=|SavileRouge| size=|520 400| thumb=|images/savile-rogue/logo.jpg| title=|Savile Rogue Cashmere Aston Villa scarf :: Real quality for the price of a replica shirt | thumbcount=|1|}images/savile-rogue/rok/*{/rokbox}

Now, I'm a big fan of cashmere scarves, not just because the feel nicer and look better, but they actually do a better job, it's almost as if they mould themselves to your neck and now you might be able to win a claret and blue one for yourself and even if you don't, you can buy one here.

For the record the scarves are made with the finest wool in a traditional Scottish cashmere mill and the scarves come in the classic bar design. Also, click the image to the right, because they also make a perfect Christmas present (honest to God, I'm not on a commission before someone asks) as they come proper packed up too. All you have to do is wrap the box and you are sorted.

They're not the cheapest thing you'll buy someone for Christmas, but quality never is cheap and if something looks cheap it likely is. These are not cheap, but they are quality and you can pick one up in pretty much the colours of most Premier League, Championship and League 1 and 2 clubs, as well as some Scottish and European teams.

So, all you have to do to stand a chance of winning is leave your answer below to the following question; what month of 1938 did Aston Villa arrive in Germany for a three match tour of the country? It is a simple question; just pick a month. Every one that picks the right month will get their name into a hat and I'll pick out the two winners tomorrow and email them and publish their user names.

Otherwise, for £38.95 you can order a scarf here and have it delivered in plenty of time for Christmas.

Celtic & Rangers playing in England

Martin O'Neill is apparently up for this. I say stop it now, before we then start having teams from Italy, France, Spain and Germany coming over making up the sixteen teams in the top flight with only maybe three or four English teams. I'm just a stickler for details and while we are at it, we might as well throw the Welsh teams out too.

Right, the wife has been baking, I'm off downstairs to get something to eat and then get shouted at as they were not made for me.