Will your fantasy football team win in The Villa Blog league?

This is a quick post, to let you know about the fantasy football game we've set up for this season.

It's up at Oulala this season, which is a new game and it's a little more interesting than The Sun but about the same amount of work.

This is how it has to work; click here to register on the game. Once you've activated your account, you then have to create your team.

Once that is done and you're logged in, click this link to join The Villa Blog circle.

The nice thing about this game is that there are a lot of prizes for users, so if you do well, you could win double; from Oulala and The Villa Blog (only an end of season award from us, more regular from them).

Any questions, ask below or better still they have a live chat facility on their site, so you can ask them and get instant feedback.

Prizes will be announced some time during the season. I don't have any yet.