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We have a winner today and Wigan on Saturday

First to Wigan. They currently sit fifteenth in the table and haven't won away from home this season. This match is ours and we are going to win - losing this is something I just can not see happening.

The manager has had long enough. All summer and enough games equals three points against a Wigan side that will be struggling by the end of the season. We saw last weekend that he can get them up for it when he needs and on Saturday, he needs them up for it for ninety minutes.

It is a game where we need three points. Yes, we are unbeaten this season but getting too many draws will see us dragged into a place we don't want to be dragged.

The tactics used so far need to be tweaked. We need to be tough to beat, but we also need to go for it a little more and that means we have to look quickly for the right pass.

Now, that might be a long pass or it might be short - it just has to be the right one and we have to think on our feet. Football is more than just ability - it is confidence and intelligence and we have one of those, the other comes with three points on a regular basis.

More on the match on Saturday, but for now, we have a winner.


3552 - were you close?

As you can see, the number was 3,552 and after doing a quick search, I think the winner is Pace. Now, I could be wrong on that, I just searched for 35 first and nobody had a number starting 35, so then I searched 36 and nobody had a number starting 36, so I searched 34 and Pace had 3,437.

So Pace, you need to email me contact details - you should know how to do this.

Before I go - confirmation that Barry Bannan won the man of the match vote against QPR. Maybe he'll get ninety minutes this weekend and maybe Albrighton will start too. You never know.