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Why were we beaten? Arsenal 3 Aston Villa 2

I don't know what to write that isn't going to antagonise someone, so I'm going to write it as I saw it and that is that. If you don't agree, let me know by all means, but it is just the way the game went.

First - we had two chances in the first half and took them. One came from a corner and I think it will go down as a goal from a corner, as it was a move that happened from the corner and the other was some quite delightful counter attacking football.

At half time, I really thought we could win this, but I was also till nervous, because all we had done for the first half was put ten men behind the ball. However, we did it well, so I thought there was that chance.

But things don't work out like they are supposed to and inside fifteen minutes of the second half Arsenal were leading. Two penalties and some sloppy defending cost us and say what you want, had we got one back or had we created twice as many chances in the first half and taken them too, I fancy Arsenal would have just scored more.

Why were we beaten?

So, instead of me telling you why I think we were beaten, I'd like you tel tell me. Answer below please. Later I'll tell you my thoughts.