When I think of Joe Cole, I think of myself

Joe Cole signed for Aston Villa today and it made me smile, because when I think of Joe Cole, I think of myself. So much talent with the ball, but failed to live up to expectations.

It's just about levels. And this isn't me knocking the signing because like Senderos, he'll bring some much needed experience to the side and there is every chance he'll replicate those magic moments we've seen from him in the past.

It's just me trying to remember one of those magic moments is very hard. But, I wrote last season that we were missing one type of player and Joe Cole is heading in that direction. What I mean is, he isn't the player I'd think we would bring in, but he is the type of player.

And I think he can play in the middle behind the strikers and I think that might very well be a great position for him. And if Gareth Barry comes back to play in the position just in front of the defenders, we might very well stand a better chance next season.

In other news

But before I go, Jordan Bowery has joined Rotherham on a permanent deal, which is sort of sad, but also sort of confirms that Lambert is changing direction and looking to blend experience and inexperience, rather than just go the youth option.

Funny how managers finally catch up. Aren't they supposed to be the ones who know what they're doing?