What's going on down the Villa?

This isn't really a serious question because we've all wanted this since time began and it's actually quite refreshing. Today we've confirmed the signing of Nicklas Helenius and talk coming out of Spain is a deal is as good as done for Antonio Luna.

Is this what we've been waiting for all these years? Nobody knows but it is nice that things are getting done as they are supposed to be getting done; with some sort of plan in place.

Anyway, it is just a quick post from me, but isn't it refreshing for all this to happen before the summer break properly begins and for me that is July, because I've got a month off, but also just as all the players seem to be going on holiday.

And for those that don't know he comes from Aalborg BK, is a striker and was selected as player of the season in the Danish Superliga on the UEFA website and yes, is just 22 years old.

But now it looks like most are in, it is time for us to be saying goodbye to others. Now this is done expect news on the likes of Ireland, Bent and Given very soon. I cant imagine it will be that much longer although writing that, it will probably be late because the other clubs know we want rid of them.

Nicklas Helenius signs for Aston Villa