Wemberlee, here we come

There is nothing going on today, but I wanted to get a post up, just to say, as I might be a bit busy tomorrow and Sunday, good luck.

I'm not going to roll out an old Ron Saunders quote, but we have a part to play on Sunday too and well, it has been a long time coming and I don't doubt come Monday morning, a lot of us will find it hard to speak.

I am just about to get on my flight to London, I'm going to be drinking beer tonight and sleeping in tomorrow, but I will also be making my way to the Sports Cafe tomorrow afternoon and I'll be wearing my claret and blue scarf, with a big smile on my face.

If any news break or we get confirmation of players not playing on Sunday, I will update this page, but as I understand it, Petrov will be available and we should have a pretty strong side to pick from.

But for now, they are calling my flight and I still have half a pint to drink. Until Sunday, or maybe tomorrow. Up the Villa.