Warnock could miss final and new Aston Villa website questionnaire

Not much going on I'm afraid. Spurs won last night. Also, 18 year old Nathan Baker has been caught selling some of his tickets to the Cup Final for £200 each on Facebook and the club have another questionnaire about another new website.

There is nothing to say about the Nathan Baker thing. He is 18 years old and he has made a mistake. Why he made that mistake is for another post but he'll now be watch the final on TV after he had his tickets taken away from him - but what happens to the ones he sold? Isn't it against the law and doesn't it carry fines to be doing what he did?

New website for the club, well, maybe not, more PR though

Moving on to the website questionnaire and this really is now getting tedious. The club want a new website so they are asking you what type of content you like, what social networks you use and how you access the site.

They have to figure out that it isn't about the type of content, that you don't build something for one or two social networks - they all have an API and any new website build should now be mobile friendly - it isn't something you ask, it's something that is just done.

The thing is, now that they have done this and I have read the questions, I know the next edition of the website is going to be just as bad as the one we have, it is just going to be a face lift. However they can now say, much like they did with the cartoon badge, that they ticked all the boxes after they asked the fans. Basically, they can say they did what most wanted and get away with doing just enough to get by.

The site needs a complete overhaul, not just colours and functions and if they are going to do this then they really should do it properly, not waste around on another PR exercise with this useless questionnaire.

But, I'll leave this now as I want to watch the highlights from the Man City game earlier this season, for free and without an ad scrolling on the page.

So, go answer the questionnaire and right at the end - they give you one chance to say something without a drop down option and tell them that you want the best website in the Premier League and let's see if they deliver.

The end is nigh

Lastly today and I'm just mentioning this as it would be sad and I hope it isn't true; Warnock is maybe not going to make the Carling Cup final. I hope he does make it, we are going to need our best players on the day and he is definitely one of them.

Right, that is is, preview coming up tomorrow, don't forget to enter the competition here for VIP tickets to Manchester United at Villa Park and please do answer the questionnaire for the club telling them you want the best website in the Premier League.

I'm going to drink coffee, read my Twitter and start uploading everything into the cloud.