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Villa Fans United decline meeting with Aston Villa CEO Paul Faulkner

Well, there you go Ryan, well done. Villa Fans United founder and one man campaign to get Alex McLeish sacked has stuck up two fingers to Aston Villa CEO and declined the invitation to meet with him at Bodymoor Heath.

Instead, they are going to continue their campaign and then happily meet after he has gone. I'm not sure there will be an invitation when he has gone, because the aim of Villa Fans United, to get Alex McLeish sacked, would have been been achieved and after that, I'm not so sure he would want to meet with Ryan, but it was a nice touch.

The response

I am this time going to copy the response from Villa Fans United after the club apparently offered a meeting, because it is easier.

Good Morning,

It has been decided after careful consideration that Villa Fans United will be declining the offer of a meeting with Aston Villa CEO Paul Faulkner.

The reason for the decision that has been taken is that we feel that any meeting at this point would be detrimental to the core points of our movement, we feel that this would only serve to strengthen the resolve of the club, in both the appointment and tenure of the current manager.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with Mr Faulkner if and when there is a change of management, however it is our intention to step up the action plan that has been developed and continue to gather support and momentum for the group.

This is proving to be an emotionally draining period for Aston Villa Supporters, and it is our belief that nothing will improve until a change in management initially, and then a change of ethos by the club is in place. As a result we feel it is our duty to offer the Aston Villa fans an avenue to make a difference on the immediate and long term future of the club.

Please feel free to continue to communicate with Villa Fans United in writing at this time

Kind Regards
Villa Fans United

A bit of a slap in the face for Faulkner, but he had his reasons for calling the meeting and many saw through it. He also probably doesn't care.

Growing speculation that Lerner will sell

I want to leave the post today on Lerner selling up. Speculation is growing and there are a few putting one and one together and looking like they are getting two. Wouldn't you just love it?

It is speculation but he isn't a fan, he is only interested in money and he doesn't care and if he is offered enough, he probably wil. Remember, there is no smoke without fire.

Video of the day because I though it cool