Two in one day, but you're not surprised and that's surprising

The Club have announced two players today. Tom Heaton has arrived from Burnley and Marvelous Nakamba from Club Brugge. It's starting to get a little ridiculous but at the exact same time, the season kicks off next week and things are looking quite interesting.

Interesting because it doesn't feel like we've just brought in random players that have played well somewhere else, it's as if there has been some thinking put into the process too. That is rare for Aston Villa, I think you'll all agree.

And with our last pre-season friendly this weekend, I think it's fair to say we're going to see a team quite close to what we're going to see at Spurs.

And I don't want to write too much about my optimism right now, because there is a season preview post coming next week, but I will say it feels good. So the rest of this post is about this weekend.

So the last match is against Red Bull Leipzig at the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig. If you didn't know much about them you can be forgiven. The Club was formed in 2009 when Red Bull purchased a lower league side in Germany or maybe they purchased the football side of a sports club, it's a little unclear for me.

But the mission was to get the Club into the top flight and they achieved it. Last season they finished third behind Dortmund and Bayern. This is our real test of pre-season. Everything before this match was us warming up. 90 minutes this weekend will show us more than we've seen in all of pre-season.

And not sure if it's on YouTube, but as soon as I learn anything or someone else does, it will get mentioned. Until then, what a marvellous day.