Tommy Elphick signs and Aston Villa on the verge of world football domination

Aston Villa have signed Tommy Elphick and yes, I admit that until a few days ago, the name meant little to me. But I*m fortunate to have a Twitter account and it's great to know that so many Aston Villa supporters know so much about him. And I want to write that this is the type of player we need, but the truth is, I simply don't know.

Yes, he was at Bournemouth in League One and the Championship and he played a small role last season in the Premier League. From what I understand he was injured for a large part of it and only managed 12 games. But because he was part of the side that got Bournemouth promoted, we have to believe he's one of those players that played an important role in that and he can help to get Aston Villa promoted.

And I have to hope that, because I simply don't know. And the truth is, not many of us do either. Not really. But this is Aston Villa now and there is something nice about it.

World domination

When I say nice, I mean that it reminds me of 1985, when radio was popular and you didn't have Sky. I know it only feels that way though and I have to be blindly positive because I'll be told that I should just enjoy things. But I can't do that, because I'm not built that way to just accept what I'm told.

Which is why I accept now that we are a Championship club. Not many will like me writing that but when I read stories that we're asking the advice of Sir Alex Ferguson and not taking it, I ask myself why we know this. I wonder why we don't know so much if we know that. Then I wonder about purchasing all these other clubs to be feeder clubs for Aston Villa. Why do we need to do that?

Then I'm reminded of the five year plan and all the money we were going to spend under Lerner. I remember all the posts I wrote that I got stick for. Then I remember that football fans need to be blindly optimistic, it's what these owners, the PR agencies and the Premier League live off. Without the blind optimism, the Premier League wouldn't be the league it is.

Life in the Championship

The Championship is going to be fun next season and I'm going to enjoy it. And as someone that sees us as a Championship side, I can't be disappointed. I quite like that outlook and I'm quite looking forward to learning a little more about Tommy and whoever the next signing is.

And finally, has Gabby gone yet?